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NEJA Winter Schooling Jumper Show - April 25, 2021

Our final NEJA show in their winter series was at the end of April. On a whim, I decided to kick it old school and wear my rust breeches and navy coat. I definitely got a few "looks" from some of the HJ crowd, but it was worth being the weirdo eventer girl haha. It was a gorgeous spring day and our rounds were all excellent. Rejoice really seems to enjoy her newfound jumper pony status and powered around like she knew what she was doing haha.  My goals for the day were to win the ground poles speed class by taking a sneaky route someone's trainer would not approve of again haha like I did at the March show and to remember my jump off round like I did NOT do at the March show! Though there wasn't a super sneaky route to take in the ground poles class, I made sure to set her up for tight turns and rollbacks. We did win the class out of nine riders! Whoot! Our speed cross rails was also a good class, with Rejoice willing to listen to half halts, turn on a dime, and also

Costume Class ideas.......keep sending them!

OK so Now That's a Trot sent me a photo to give me inspiration for a costume....

My goodness, if ANYONE has any idea how I can create that.....I am all for it. HOW FUNNY would THAT be in a costume class at a DRESSAGE show? And I am an adult of 29 years of age....not a child with a pony! ROFLMAO! Can you just see the dressage queens' faces??????? I love it!

The only ideas I could come up with on my own so far have been......

  • Dress up as a witch, dress Dreamy up as a "black cat" and C up as a pumpkin. C rides Dreamy in his adorable tiny western saddle and I lead her.
  • Dress Dreamy as a farmer and me as a I have no idea where to find HUGE overalls and then get them to stay on her front legs/chest....and where would I get a cow costume???? But that would be funny as all get out.
  • Dress as Zorro and Dreamy gorgeous black steed. Does Zorro's horse have a name?

I need help. :D


  1. I believe Zorro's horse is Tornado. At least he was in the movies. :D

    Again, I would think full-body sleezy, glue, and a ton of cotton balls. Or maybe Poly-Fil. I like the black cat idea, too, it sounds like it would be pretty easy to put together. (As opposed to the suggestion I was going to make about finding pony-safe white paint and making a zebra...)

    I have another picture.. One year we had the Nationals on Halloween weekend, Willie was borrowed for the costume class. He was the bride, and my friend's daughter was the groom:

    She borrowed my spare bridle, wrapped it in white ribbon, and attached a satin tiara. The "dress" was just a thin cooler-shaped sheet that tied in front, and if you look closely at his left hind leg, you can see a garter. Willie was not amused, but as always, so tolerant.

  2. hahaha..YOU SO NEED TO DO THAT! You would be keeping the cotton industry alive! And I still love to do costume classes. In fact, I am very mad that my last show of the year (Nov 1st) is not having a costume class. I mean, it is the day after halloween! My trainers barn does a games day for their christmas party and so I will give you some ideas from the crew last year. I was a princess and I borrowed my trainers horse and made him a frog by using cheep green foam to make a frog head and feet and I just used a green sheet, green wraps, green bell boots and lots of green glitter! The Friesian was a carousel horse with a pole made out of those swimming noodles painted gold and of course braids with flowers, etc and his owner was a little kid complete with painted on freckles and pig tails. The Young Rider dressed Heart up as beauty pageant winner with a crown, a fake silk sheet, sparkling bell boots and sash and dressed herself up in a suit to be the male escort. One lady was lady godiva, that might not be so appropriate for the show though! We had a guys and dolls knock off with the woman as a flapper and her horse got a tie with color, a big gangster hat and leggings to look like pants behind. We also had a woman dressed up as a pimp with her mare as the ho by killing a few pairs of fishnets, making some garters and putting makeup on the mare. I know there were more but I am drawing a blank. What if you did some cool literary reference since you are teaching english again. could be mean and dress dreamy as moby dick and make yourself captain ahab. Or you could dress up dreamy as scarlet o'hare by getting a big straw hat and throwing flowers on it and getting some gloves and cutting the hand part off and putting those on her front feet and using an old sheet for the "dress" and adding a bunch more fabric to the hind end to make it puffy like her dresses were. You, of course would have to be rhett buttler, but that would be easy, a suit and a mustache should do just fine. Give me time and I will think of more. Are you all ready to come down for the weekend?

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  4. NTAT, I cannot see the pic of Willie! I says I need to log into an account? I posted the sheep pic and a "Does anyone want to help me make this....don't ask" email to my colleagues. They all think I am crazy.....ROFL! :) :)

    OTB - I LOVE your suggestions. Now I just have to figure out exactly what I want to do. SIGH :) I am not feeling very creative right now, but I think that is because of all the prep for the show this weekend! YES I am READY! I am so excited! I did not realize you were in NJ, but if you can stop by PLEASE COME AND SAY HI! (You too NTAT!) I would love to meet both of you! :)

  5. Its really hard to find a good costume idea. Last year i compeated my russian trotter Sammi in costume ride and we had "911" costume. It was really funni cas before one jump i tought that now we will need it by ourselves. He slipped to hes knees and then right there from the ground jumped 80cm oxser without even touching it. Trotters rock :)
    I have some pictures of ouer costume:

    love that lastone cas te colors of that fence :)

  6. I would come down to see you and Dreamy if I didn't have company coming down for is a shame that they are on the same weekend every year. You should feel like you know what the horse park is like now after reading up on my championships posts :P. Good luck and have fun!

  7. NTAT, Now I can see the pic of Willie! He is too cute all dressed up like a bride! ROFL! :)

    Al Hawa, I could not see the pics you posted. It wanted me to log into the photobucket account. :(


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