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Recapping 2019

I had many great horsey experiences in 2019!  I am really pleased with how the year went overall; nothing is ever perfect, but both horses are sound, happy, and healthy, which is really what matters to me. Some of my 2019 goals were met easily or with lots of hard work, and a few of them were utter fails haha.  C'est la vie! Let's recap! Happy, health, sound Both mares are doing well in this regard!  Dreamy will be 29 this year, and while she definitely shows signs of her age at times, she overall looks and acts much younger than she really is!  Ellie has really matured this year, filling out as well as mentally becoming more comfortable in her own skin.  As she will be eight this year, I feel like we have moved through the baby phase. having this photo shoot was definitely a highlight of 2019! Continue lessons with Beth and Babette This goal was met and then some!  I took almost weekly dressage lessons with Beth and monthly jump lessons with Babette. Thanks to the

Scary or Exciting?

So, I am not sure yet if this is scary or exciting! LOL! Now this means we are eligible to compete at rated dressage shows! And maybe even qualify for a USDF All Breed Award! :) :) :)

I do know that it means I have to work my ass off this year!


  1. My vote is exciting! I have and still cheris Genny's lifetime certificate! I can't wait to here how you do at the USDF shows next year!

  2. Thanks! I think exciting too, but yesterday when I opened it up (having no idea what the USDF was sending me) my heart hit my throat. LOL! It is big time now! :)

  3. Nice! I still have to register Willie.. Maybe after I get some of my other memberships paid off for this year. The downside of belonging to so many breed groups is you have to RENEW them every year!

  4. I agree with EXCITING, over the top, cool the list is pretty endless.

    You have EARNED this as has your wonderful mare.

    NOW, I must get going on the big guy so that when you get finished with him in 09 he can go for it in 10. I am sure you will be one of the top trainer, riders in the Northeast and it will all be done with STANDARDBREDS. they RULE ya know.

    I am so proud of you and Dreamy.

  5. That is incredible news and such a tribute to all the hard work you and that DREAM GIRL have put in. I've instructed Santa to take the coal out of your stocking and to give DREAMY some extra carrots and candy canes! I am so proud of both of you.
    Bruizer's Mom

  6. J: Thanks! Not sure about being a top trainer or rider, but we will sure work hard and do the best we can to make the breed proud! :) And yes, Duncan gets his shot in '10 I hope!

    Bruizer's Mom: Aw, thanks! :) (But not nice about the coal!!! LOL) But, you too could register Bruizer for just a small donation to USDF....$85!!!!! It basically just means..."The USDF Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR) is a one-time registration fulfilling the USDF horse registration requirements for all USDF award and championship programs." So now I am allowed to qualify for awards with the USDF. At least it is a one time fee. Exciting because I have been wanting to do rated shows with the Dream Girl and I think she will be ready in 2009. Oh and to see her name on the USDF website along with the four other STBs is pretty cool. Scary because AHHH! Now we have to work really hard to get our scores up! :)


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