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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Snow Mares!

Up here in Maine, we got about 8-9 inches of snow overnight Sunday into Monday.  The wind was also howling so I left the mares inside for a while on Monday morning.  Once it stopped snowing and the visibility was a bit better, I let them out around noon time.  They were happy to be out but were certainly ready to come inside at 4PM for dinner!  LOL!

I took a bunch of photos when I let them outside.  They were pretty cute in the snow and wind!  There is not much space in their winter paddocks, but all three ran around, bucked, and rolled multiple times.  Then Reva tore around the longest while the other two "mature" mares watched!  It was pretty cute!

More pics can be seen here on my Facebook page!  You do not need Facebook to view them!

Here is Ms. Sparky!  Love this mare!

Reva being frisky in the snow!

Reva playing in the snow!

Reva rolled about ten times!  LOL!

Dreamy rolling...

This was right after Dreamy got up.  I think this picture is SCARY!  :-P

Pretty Reva!

Dreamy and the blowing snow!

Whoo Reva!

LOL!  They were all so covered!

Reva being a cutting horse!

Using her hind end.....good dressage horse!  ;-D

Sparky and Reva

Dreamy's butt  :D

Licking the snow off her nose....LOL!


Dom said…
They're trying to be appaloosas!