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NEJA Winter Schooling Jumper Show - April 25, 2021

Our final NEJA show in their winter series was at the end of April. On a whim, I decided to kick it old school and wear my rust breeches and navy coat. I definitely got a few "looks" from some of the HJ crowd, but it was worth being the weirdo eventer girl haha. It was a gorgeous spring day and our rounds were all excellent. Rejoice really seems to enjoy her newfound jumper pony status and powered around like she knew what she was doing haha.  My goals for the day were to win the ground poles speed class by taking a sneaky route someone's trainer would not approve of again haha like I did at the March show and to remember my jump off round like I did NOT do at the March show! Though there wasn't a super sneaky route to take in the ground poles class, I made sure to set her up for tight turns and rollbacks. We did win the class out of nine riders! Whoot! Our speed cross rails was also a good class, with Rejoice willing to listen to half halts, turn on a dime, and also

Stall Plates

I am very lucky to keep my horses here at home.  That means that I am their sole caretaker (unless I am out of town...) and I don't really have to be as organized as a big busy boarding barn.

But despite the smaller size of my quiet backyard set-up, I do have a pretty organized barn.  For example, I use Smartpaks, not because I need to worry about others feeding my horses their supplements, but because they are cheaper than I could buy them otherwise.  Plus, I LOVE that they ship automatically to me every month, eliminating the need for me to worry about running out of supplements.  (I do have to special order the chastetree berries and Dreamy's Immuzim, as Smartpak will never carry those.)

So, even though no one but me really needs to know which stall is which (and obviously I know it by heart...LOL!), I do love to use pretty stall plates.  There is something about them that just makes me happy!  :-)

Sparky and Dreamy have had their current stall plates since I got married in 2003 and changed my last name.  They are looking a little ratty, but I still love them.  :-)

I finally ordered one for Reva and it came today!  Yay!  :-)  But shoot, I just realized I made Reva's all in caps.  Whoops!  Oh well.....LOL!


  1. Is Sparky of any relation to Kennebec Count? I've seen a couple of his offspring and they just make me drool. I've never seen him in person, he passed away in 2004, and I can't find any videos on YouTube (except Breyer stuff, apparently Breyer made him into a model?)

    But I digress.... I LOVE stall plates. They always look like the final touch to me, they say "THIS horse BELONGS here, it's not just any other stall!" I made Greta's, but it's not crazy-professional looking like your's. It has big plastic gems. Pretty snazzy.

  2. Yes, she is! On their sire's side, they share the same grandsire (Kennebec Ethan). And Count's sire King and Sparky's sire (Kennebec Chief, but we called him Kenny) have the same dam (Helen May). I have Count's Breyer horse, of course!!! He was a grand stallion and I enjoyed going to Miss Gardiner's farm in Woolwich (ME) to visit him. It was always a thrill to see him carriage driving with his son Russel!!

    I grew up riding at the farm where Sparky was born, Joydale Morgan Farm....and I learned to ride on her siblings and relatives! I learned to canter on her sire Kenny! :) Quite a thrill to ride a stallion at age 9!

    And I boarded Sparky there for a while....she shared her pasture with her dam Kennebec Spark (as well as her full sister Joydale Amy). So we had "Sparky Sr." and "Sparky Jr." ROFL! :)

  3. That is so cool!!! I wish I could meet Greta's sire, but he's all the way up in Colorado. But he also does driving. Mostly dressage, but some driving too (another horsey-thing I need to learn to do).

    Count would have been lovely to see in person. The Kennebec line is just a wonderful line.


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