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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As much as I dislike winter in Maine (I am a solar powered girl and I crave the heat!), I do enjoy Christmas.  Growing up, we always had huge family Christmases.  Every year since I have owned a horse, I enjoy a bareback Christmas Day ride on each of them.  I love seeing the excitement in my children, and even though the 13 year old is slightly jaded as only a teenager can be (His response to his grandparents when they asked what he wanted?  Money.  Hahaha!), the two year old is completely in awe of every aspect of the holiday.  There is nothing quite like the magic of the holidays through the eyes of a child.

So here are a few fun things we do around the farm to decorate.  I always buy plain wreaths for the barn and house and add my own bow and ornamentation!  

This is a random bit in my collection, but those are Snappy's shoes!

The bit and shoes were Sparky's way back when!
At age thirteen when my first horse, Sparky, came into my life, I decorated a plain stocking with her name in white puffy paint.  So, of course, now every horse has had one over the years.  I still have Sparky's and Snappy's tucked away, and I just made a new one for Ellie this fall.

As I have written before, we abut a Christmas tree farm, so we always get to cut our own to bring home!

The tree looked so pretty with just the lights, I nearly wanted to leave it like that LOL!  

But, we did decorate it two nights later.  The baby inherited all of the "safe" ornaments to hang on the lower branches (read: soft and unbreakable).  He was TOTALLY into it and hung them all up himself LOL!  He is obsessed with having the lights on and calls all the decorations and tree a "Chrussmuss party" hahaha!


TheFoxRider said…
Oh for cute! I love the wreath... I need to see if my dad still has Foxie's old shoes - maybe I can make my own version!
Amy McKenna said…
I really love those wreaths! I have a hard time committing to decorations on the outside just because I feel like someone besides our own family should be seeing it and appreciating it and aside from our mail carrier, we really don't host anyone for holidays. But our tree is up. And I have my skeleton horse from Halloween wrapped in christmas lights on my porch, though I need to figure out how to keep him upright.

I do want to do stockings for the animals though! I'll have to find some plain ones and use my stock of puffy paint.
emma said…
aw i love that you keep your horse's old shoes <3 i still have a set of Izzy's (tho thankfully she's still very much with us!) and am pretty sure i have one of Charlie's hangin around somewhere...
TeresaA said…
I live the wreath. I hope you are okay if I steal the idea. We haven’t got our tree yet but it will be soon
Martidoll said…
lovely wreaths, lovely tree, lovely traditions :) We havent even put a tree up this year. We have such a small house and Mark goes to England next weekend for Xmas and I go to my dad's in VA so i just didnt bother this year. I do have Xmas flags and some decorations outside but otherwise...ehhh :) Glad your kid is enjoying the tree and lights :) So cute.
We live 1000+ feet off the main road and no one can see our house, so the decorations are totally just for me hahaha (and the UPS driver, I suppose LOL). I say do your thing to make yourself happy! ;-) And yes, definitely break out the puffy paint and post pics of your stockings!!
For some reason, I have accumulated shoes of my old horses and it makes me happy to have hung onto them. Strange, I know haha!
Yes, please steal it!! I found the idea on Pinterest years ago myself! I love decorating horsey in subtle ways!
Every year I am like ehhhh screw it, I'm not decorating, too much work and no one cares blah blah, so I totally understand. Then my teenager guilts me into it hahaha! ;-)
Sara said…
Christmas is so much better with little ones around. My 5 yo is totally into it this year. We cut our tree down as well and he typically gets to pick it and decorate it. Last year it was all of 3 feet tall and all the ornaments were on three branches.
Laura said…
Great idea with the wreaths and the old shoes. Neat to re-use them that way! Our tree is a spruce we are cutting down right outside the house this year, so we don't have to haul it far. We are just waiting another week or so before we cut it. No kids to amuse.... :-) I totally need stockings for my horses! I was looking at expensive ones on Etsy and couldn't pull the trigger. I'm thinking the dollar store might have what I need!
Carly said…
I'm also a shoe hoarder, and I have a pile of them from my past 3 horses plus Opie's racing plates. I LOVE the idea of putting a pair on a wreath!
I love it!! AndI agree, it is so fun! The baby put all his little ornaments right together in the front and I had to convince the 13 year old it was OK hahaha (and that he used to do the SAME thing!).
I love that you are using a tree from your property! I have always wanted to get a live tree and plant it, but winter in Maine isn't a great time for planting things haha. And yes, you totally need to get cheap little stockings to decorate!
It's like, I have a swatch of tail hair and shoes and a halter. I don't know why they mean so much to me, but we all know how weird horse girls are! You should make a wreath! :-)