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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Bitting Miss Ellie Part 2

As I wrote back in December, bitting Miss Ellie has been an ongoing journey to figure out what will work best for her.  Armed with a little Christmas money, I ended up ordering a Neue Schule lozenge eggbutt from Hastilow, the 14 mm bridoon style, for $205 shipped with a 30 day return policy (I'd just have to pay 20% of the bit in exchange for trying it).  

I like the smaller ring on this bit as well for her tiny face
Well, that was a mistake, because the minute it arrived in the mail, we went into a deep freeze and there was no effing way I was riding in -20 degree weather to test a bit.  And because I just checked the website so I could link it here, I see that in actuality the return policy is only 14 days, not the 30 days I had in my mind.  Soooooo, guess we are keeping it!  LOL!  I should have just waited until later on, maybe like, ohhh I dunno, spring time when I am actually riding more regularly.  But clearly I have no willpower and needed to have a new bit NOW.  

Thankfully, Ellie does seem to like the bit.  It fits her mouth well and I think the slightly thinner and curved mouthpiece is better for her small palate.  She was MUCH less chompy on this bit and actually relaxed her jaw for the majority of our ride on Sunday.  It may have only been at the walk because of the footing, but I incorporated a lot of transitions and moving her haunches/shoulders, and she relaxed into the contact quite nicely in comparison to her usual fussiness.  Obviously, the real test will be once we start riding WTC regularly, but at least it was enough to tell me it wasn't a no go because she wasn't completely irritated with the bit.  And let's face it, due to the popularity of the Neue Schule bits right now, I am sure I could resell this one pretty easily and recoup most of what I paid.

Onward and upward!  

This is her post ride FEED ME COOKIES face


emma said…
awesome that she seems to like it! bits are so crazy expensive these days - even on the used market (i buy almost all mine from ebay). but... then again i don't usually mind shelling out some $$$ even for something i'm not sure will work, bc they tend to hold their value pretty well for resale too.
TheFoxRider said…
My girls seem to love the thinner mouthpieces too, and I like the shape on Ellie's face. Fingers crossed you get riding weather and ground back soon!
Sara said…
Her pair ride face looks a lot like my post run “Feed me cheesecake” face :)
No kidding! They are too pricey! I looked and looked and looked, but there are no used bits in this combination of size and type of NS. Well, let's be honest, maybe if I had searched for longer than six weeks (patience for tack is not a thing I possess), I may have found one LOL. Ah well. But definitely if I change my mind down the road, I know I can recoup some of the cost of the bit since they seem to be popular right now.
Yeah, I think it looks pretty good on her little head/mouth! I am DYING to have no ice, but I think I am going to have to wait a few months!
HAHAHAHAHAHA she'd probably prefer a cheesecake instead of a horse cookie come to think of it! ;-D
TeresaA said…
Carmen likes the thinner bits as well. I'm glad that she likes it. I think you can tell right away even at the walk.
Martidoll said…
it looks great on her so i hope it ends up working out. I havent bought a new bit besides the two bauchers i bought a couple years ago (yes i bought the same bit x 2 so i could have one for each bridle). I have the loose ring french link for Remus and the two bauchers and that is it. He hates a simple snaffle so always has to have some kind of broken french link in there. I hope you get rid of ice soon :) I want more Ellie stories!!
I agree! In the beginning, last fall, I had thought Dreamy's thin Stubben French link would be my best bet with Ellie, but she was VERY clear within minutes that she disliked it. This seems like a similar bit with a different link style (and obviously the NS shaped mouthpiece).
Ohhh, I do the same thing with bits; one for the dressage bridle and one for the jumping, since I can't be bothered changing bits at an event LOL!! ;-) I want more Ellie stories too haha!
L.Williams said…
I can't believe how expensive bits are! I was super fortunate that my last Trainer had such an extensive collection that I haven't bought a bit in years.
That is extremely fortunate to have access to a bit collection like that! I am pretty sure with the number of bits in my bit box, I could provide such a service to others LOL!! ;-)