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Perfect Pony

I feel like a broken record, constantly writing about how good Ellie has been this winter.  Perhaps I will be singing a different tune writing different blog posts this spring and summer once we are in real work and she starts learning more (because obviously I just jinxed myself)!  Either way, she is super cute and I have lots of media lately and nothing exciting to write about.  So look at cute pony pics on this lovely Friday, the last day of work for me until I return to teaching after a weeklong February break!  ;-) 
Cutest crazy hair pony

Ellie: Ur dumb, cow
Steer: *licks the inside of his nose*
She definitely needs practice on posing though haha. She just cannot stop herself from following me around.  Lots of failure pics that make her look quite oddly shaped haha.

Look, her head is massively larger than her hind end haha

Lots of derp

This pic almost worked but she had to lick the mounting block, because that's Ellie!
We finally got a heavy snowfall of close to a foot; normally I am NOT a fan of snow, but it helped cushion and cover the ice.

Thank you snow, for making it possible for me to ride without fear of dying on the ice!

Hi Mom!  You still up there?

How freaking cute is this pony?!?

We even got to TROT!  She was super good!
And we FINALLY got a chance to hack out in the big field.  I was like, welp, this could either be totally fine or a disaster.  I figured the snow was cushy enough that if I fell off, it wouldn't hurt that much haha.  We have not hacked out in the field since last fall, but Ellie was calm and happy.  She strutted around the trees and around the fields in a happy walk with happy ears.

The only time she got a little tense was when Dreamy (who forgets she is turning 28 this spring) decided to canter up and down the fence line when we went a little too far to the end of the field for her comfort level.  She's such a dork and Ellie was like WHY IS SHE RUNNING SHOULD I RUN TOO and I just sat deep and assured her all was fine.  So she too decided life was fine.  I am thankful this mare is learning to trust me and thinks before she acts.

Pudgy mare's legs are definitely NOT this long

I will never tire of this view (except I'd choose summer instead)!


What a stellar girl! Every time I see riding in snow pictures I'm like "I wanna do that!" but then it snows and I won't get off my couch 😂
LOL I hear you! I see your gorgeously dragged dirt ring and I feel pangs of jealousy haha so I DON'T blame you!
L.Williams said…
Dante is equally bad at posing. Glad Ellie is being such an awesome girly!
Sara said…
Love your smile in all your pictures!
She's way too friendly to stand still haha. Let's hope she's still being awesome when she realizes what "work" really is! ;-)
Thank you! She is the best and I can't help but smile like a fool haha! :-)
Martidoll said…
love all the photos...she is too cute. And i can't wait till you get to start REAL work again (Tho riding in the snow is cool too!)!! Stay warm!!
I have definitely been grateful to get the rides in this winter that I have. But I CANNOT wait to start a regular routine with her and start lessons!!
TeresaA said…
She is the most perfect of ponies. I love all the photos but my favourite is the first one of you on her and smiling.
emma said…
her floofy forelock is legitimately the cutest tho
She is definitely the best!! <3
Liz Stout said…
Aww she IS the cutest! I love the photos of you two together. And her forelock is serious #goals for my little mare lol. She is completely incapable of growing a nice one
Thank you! And yes, I totally lucked out on the gorgeous Morgan locks! My husband's first reaction was, "You're going to pull her mane, right?" And after my horrified look and explanation that Morgans are shown with natural manes and tails, he said he was going to nickname her Motley hahahaha after the hair band.