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NEJA Winter Schooling Jumper Show - April 25, 2021

Our final NEJA show in their winter series was at the end of April. On a whim, I decided to kick it old school and wear my rust breeches and navy coat. I definitely got a few "looks" from some of the HJ crowd, but it was worth being the weirdo eventer girl haha. It was a gorgeous spring day and our rounds were all excellent. Rejoice really seems to enjoy her newfound jumper pony status and powered around like she knew what she was doing haha.  My goals for the day were to win the ground poles speed class by taking a sneaky route someone's trainer would not approve of again haha like I did at the March show and to remember my jump off round like I did NOT do at the March show! Though there wasn't a super sneaky route to take in the ground poles class, I made sure to set her up for tight turns and rollbacks. We did win the class out of nine riders! Whoot! Our speed cross rails was also a good class, with Rejoice willing to listen to half halts, turn on a dime, and also

Ellis River Riders Versatility Trail Challenge #2 - August 22, 2020

Because we had SO much fun at the May versatility challenge, Rejoice and I went back for the second one in August! Again, she was a super star and we had a solid ride. This time I dragged Margaret along with me haha and she took lots of pics!

warming up and Rejoice was MUCH calmer this time
she figured out how nice it is to just chill instead of being so forward

we practiced A LOT over tarps but she was still suspicious of the half barrels haha

this was a scary blob of milk jugs we had to drag from one pole bending pole to another
it actually made a few of the horses spook and riders even fell off
Rejoice had never done anything like this before and she NAILED IT
ps- she was staring at the bull cut out that was set OUTSIDE the ring at the far corner hahaha

she's a pro at gates and helped with her nose on this one 😂

she would NOT step on even one of these little raised bridges in May but
this time she marched up and over three of them without blinking

I was ridiculously proud haha

the requisite noodle curtain - NAILED IT

we ended up in fourth place this time around!

This was another large novice division and the top three riders were all experienced (in their second year of novice). I believe there were 12 riders and we earned a 36 out of 65 possible points! So being right up there in the placings was pretty cool. Even though I started this for just the hell of it, it turned into something Rejoice really excelled at and we both enjoyed!