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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Day 21 - Your perfect schooling outfit

I am pretty boring when it comes to my schooling outfits and I rarely feel as though I qualify as someone who needs to take a selfie with #rootd on it hahaha.  However, there are some tried-and-true items I do like!

I do own a pair of tan Pikeur breeches for showing and a few pairs of SmartPak's Pipers (one white pair for dressage and one tan/turquoise pair for schooling).  However, my most favorite pair of breeches are the Tuff Rider Ribbed Full Seats because they actually fit my body.  They are also incredibly cheap as far as breeches go and they wear like iron.  Seriously, I wash, dry, and wear these things just about every day and they last forever.  I have a few pairs that are at least eight years old and they are still looking great.  I think I own five pairs at the moment hahaha (grey, black, navy, tan, white).

I have a bunch of different riding shirts, but I do like the Romfh Chill Factor Sun Shirt a lot, and of course I own my favorite turquoise!  ;-)  If it is ridiculously hot, I do tend to grab a random tank top though.

I love Noble Outfitters socks, and I happen to own this pair of fox socks!  These are one of the most comfortable riding socks I have found.

And while I love my Ariat field boots, I also like riding in these Dublin River Boots.  I would never pay for a pair of Dubarry's even though I love the look.  These are great knockoffs and I used a Christmas gift card years ago to buy them.  Usually I wear Dansko clogs (after wearing them out at work, they become my barn pair haha) and change into my Ariats to ride.  I only own the one pair of Ariat tall boots, so I try to keep them nice enough for showing.  But with the Dublin's, I can also do barn chores and walk around the barn yard without worrying.  

None of these are affiliate links and I do not get compensated for any of this type of stuff.  :-)


Martidoll said…
ha i swear we were separated at birth! Those are the same breeches I adore too (I actually have them on right now at home since I have a lesson later, not many breeches are so comfy you can lounge in them as well) HA! I do need a pair of casual boots for winter and I love my Ariat clogs for work and play!! Again separated at birth. :)
Amanda said…
Those Tuff Riders do indeed wear like iron. I have a pair that I kind of hate but I still keep pulling them out because they just do not die. (I don't like the fabric quality and the way it feels, so a purely subjective dislike.)

I also basically live in those Dublin River Boots. I found a pair of the winter version on steep clearance over the summer and broke them out last night. I often go straight from work to the barn in them.
KateRose said…
Lovely rootd! I wear a lot of sweatpants (I ride bareback so that's my excuse) and would be shamed from the internet if I shared my usual rootd hahah :P
emma said…
i'm with ya on grabbing a tank top when it's really hot out. as much as i love the idea of these cooling sun shirts, i just don't always find that they work as well as i need them too lol
Those ribbed tuff riders were a favorite of mine too. I had a pair for years that finally was destroyed and bought a new pair and they're not the same.
TeresaA said…
I keep eying those boots and thinking that i really need them. :) But then I might want two pairs: one for dress up and one for the barn. ;)
RIGHT?!?! We definitely have a ton in common! Long lost horsey twin for sure! ;-)
The fabric is not great but total last forever and they are comfortable enough! I like the ribbed Tuff Riders WAY more than the regular fabric.
Haha thanks! You wear what makes you comfortable, lady! I generally have a ratty LL Bean barn coat over top of everything or my Carhartt overalls, so I'm not fashionista!! ;-) I only "dress nicely" if I know I am having my photo taken hahahaha!
Yeah, the sun shirts are only ok in the summer if they are short sleeve, but they are still hot! I love the long sleeved ones for spring and fall.
I agree! I have a pair of grey ones from way back when that are much nicer quality than the newer, but they literally fell apart I wore them so much!
You TOTALLY need them! Black Friday deals coming up so you can even save some cash!! I used to wear mine for dress up as well but that only lasted for the first year haha.