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Recapping 2019

I had many great horsey experiences in 2019!  I am really pleased with how the year went overall; nothing is ever perfect, but both horses are sound, happy, and healthy, which is really what matters to me. Some of my 2019 goals were met easily or with lots of hard work, and a few of them were utter fails haha.  C'est la vie! Let's recap! Happy, health, sound Both mares are doing well in this regard!  Dreamy will be 29 this year, and while she definitely shows signs of her age at times, she overall looks and acts much younger than she really is!  Ellie has really matured this year, filling out as well as mentally becoming more comfortable in her own skin.  As she will be eight this year, I feel like we have moved through the baby phase. having this photo shoot was definitely a highlight of 2019! Continue lessons with Beth and Babette This goal was met and then some!  I took almost weekly dressage lessons with Beth and monthly jump lessons with Babette. Thanks to the

Day Seventeen: 30 Day Challenge

Day Seventeen: Your equestrian idol

This is a hard one, as I am not the type of person who follows famous people, celebrities, etc.  Yes, I think Steffen Peters is pretty amazing and I have always liked the Karen and David O'Connor.  But I have never thought, "Oh geez, I really want to be like them."  They are way too advanced for this adult amateur to idolize.  LOL!  I never have dreamed of the Olympics and all that.  I love horses but I have no desires to pursue them as a full-time, elite level professional career.

So I guess my real idols are just normal everyday folks.  I admire my riding instructor Judy of Little Moon Farm because she is super helpful and patient with me.  She is a great rider who knows so much more about dressage and training then I will ever know.  I love that I feel comfortable enough to ask questions and admit when I need help.  I know she will push me in a positive way but never get angry or demeaning.  Not every instructor is like that.  Also, Judy has a wonderful mare named Locket and has not only done all her training herself but she also manages her EPSM very well.  You would never know her mare had this disease, as she takes super care of her.  Judy is a horse person who I highly respect and I value her opinion. 

I also admire three Standardbred mares and their owner/riders.  The first one is a friend of mine from Kentucky named Laura who owns a wonderful mare named Legs.  Laura has owned and shown Legs for many years and they are a wonderful ambassador for the Standardbred breed.  They have earned tons and tons of ribbons and awards in hunters, equitation, and western.  Laura and Legs were at WEG with us and demonstrated western pleasure. Laura has done an amazing job training and showing Legs and certainly is someone I look up to.

The other two are Sea the Gray owned by SPHO-Florida and Whiz Bang owned by my friend Tina.  These two Standardbred mares have competed in USDF shows from Training up to Second Level with their rider Heather!  And they have won numerous dressage awards and ribbons.  I admire all of the work Tina and Heather have put into these mares.  They also were at WEG in the dressage pas de deux.  While I know I will never achieve Second Level with Dreamy, I certainly am proud of the work of these Florida horsewomen!


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