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CNER United States Pony Club Dressage Rally - May 11, 2019

Our very first ever PC rally was this past Saturday at Apple Knoll Farm in Millis, MA. It kind of cracks me up that I joined PC for the express purpose of access to more jumping instruction opportunities, and my first mounted experience is a dressage rally hahaha.  

But honestly, it was so much fun.  Maybe it is because I am so used to showing alone or maybe because I love the show prep and set up just as much (if not more) than the actual riding, but competing in a PC rally is now one of my most favorite experiences.  And I cannot wait to do more!  I think the only thing different for this show was having to label EVERYTHING with my name.  Otherwise, my show prep was just the same as normal.

Sadly, our original team of four riders ended up dwindling to just two, as one young rider ended up sick with a 103 fever and a barn was quarantined because of a horse with EHV-4 so none of the PC members from that large boarding barn could attend. Therefore, my remaining teammate and I were split …

Day Six: 30 Day Challenge

Day Six: Your most accomplished horse

Well, this is an easy one.  Dreamy is certainly the most accomplished horse out of my three in terms of awards and ribbons.  Reva has yet to show, so she does not count yet. Even though I have owned Sparky for much longer (since 1993), Dreamy was shown more often.  In our eleven show seasons together, Sparky won 91 ribbons and 17 year end awards before being retired from showing at age 23. Dreamy and I have competed together for only four show seasons yet she has already won 142 of ribbons at horse shows, 55 of which were first place blues!  And I do plan to show Dreamy in 2011, and we shall see how much more I can show her until she retires!

So just because it impresses me to look are Dreamy's 73 year end awards to date.  She has won 33 national and state championships (and 9 reserves).  I listed the dates I competed in parenthesis.  

And besides the ribbons and awards, she was a part of the Standardbred breed demonstrations at the WEG 2010 in Kentucky!  That to me is one of her best accomplishments ever!

Here are a few fun ribbon pics.....  :-)

Year End Awards from 2007
2009 Standardbred National Horse Show ribbons

Winning the STB 2-Gait Class at the 2009 Downeast Congress

Ribbons hung at the 2010 Downeast Congress

2010 Maine Horse Association Year End Awards

2010 Standardbred National Horse Show ribbons...Dreamy is angry and wants to graze....LOL!


TheBigHorse said…
The Dream Girl is a Dream Mare! She has taken you so far and you have been the guiding force since the day you put a saddle pad on her back for the first time. You inspire others ...
TheBigHorse said…
The Dream Girl is a Dream Mare and she has taken you so far, with your guidance from the first time you put a saddle pad on her back. You two are an inspiration to others who follow ... :-)
Dom said…
That is a lot of ribbons.
Laura said…
That is a lot of ribbons! Good for you! I love how you have had Sparky so long and showed her for 11 seasons... Most people go through horses like crazy - I think you do a great job training and conditioning your horses so you can keep/show them so long!

I love the last pic of Dreamy - you can barely see her through all the ribbons! :-D