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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Day Twenty: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty: Your favorite horse show

My favorite dressage show is the University of New Hampshire.  They offer two summer dressage shows each year.  Here is the post about the last time I showed there in 2010.  I love showing at UNH  for many reasons.  It is not that far from home, it has great trailer parking, and I went to college there!!!  :D  That is the biggest reason I love to show at UNH; as an alumnae I feel like I am riding on my home turf.  A lot of people dislike riding at UNH because of the set-up and the small(er) warm up.  But I just love it.  And Dreamy really likes showing there too.  UNH has the two summer USDF/USDF shows each year, as well as three USEA horse trials.
Here we are at UNH summer of 2009

My favorite horse show is the National Standardbred horse show put on by the SPHO-NJ.  It is so much fun!  I attended in 2008 with pics here and here, 2009, and 2010 with pics here.  I just wish it was a two-day show, since traveling all that way for a one-day show is completely exhausting!  But it is still worth it, of course!  :-)

Standardbred Nationals 2008                                                                    Our first year, showing off one of our ribbons!


Daffodil said…
Dreamy looks just fantastic!! Of course he enjoys competing at UNH...that is because you do!!! great pics, thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying your 30 day challenge, it has given me ALOT to think about.