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Day Twenty Eight: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Eight: Helmet or no helmet?

HELMET.  Hell yes.  Every time, every ride.  I am always utterly amazed at the number of people who make up insane and ridiculous excuses to not wear a helmet.
My hair will get messed up!  Seriously?  Your hair is more important than, oh I dunno, your LIFE??  You can easily brush out your locks, but I am thinking it is a bit harder to fix your brain.....or your death.

I am a good enough rider to not wear a helmet!  Really?  And horses are machines and never spook, trip, or otherwise unseat riders, huh?  Yeah, OK, smartypants.  Do I even NEED to bring up the big name riders who have fallen off recently???

I have earned the right to wear a dressage top hat with my shadbelly!  Hmmm.  That's nice.  And that top hat could also earn you the right to have a brain injury when you fall off.  Now THAT'D be fun!

It is my right to not wear a helmet!  Oh yeah?  And do you think your family has earned the right to have to care for your crippled a** for the rest of your life?  Can you look at your family, spouse, kids, whoever and tell them that while you think you don't need a helmet, if you are wrong, then they have to care for you for the rest of your life??

See, in my opinion, it is not a matter of IF you get hurt around horses, it is WHEN.  Horses are big unpredictable animals.  I don't care if it is a perfectly trained GP horse or an ancient trail horse who can barely move beyond a walk.  Horses can kill you.  I just don't get why people balk at the idea of using a very simple, affordable, and painless measure (AKA a riding helmet) that could literally save their life, or at the very least, help them continuing living the "normal" life they are accustomed to.

I am so thankful the USEF has finally passed rules about wearing helmets in eventing and dressage.  It was a long time coming and I am glad they did the right thing.  
Can you tell I am just a little bit passionate about helmet safety??  LOL!  Sorry to offend those of you who like to ride without helmets.  To be blunt, but I think you are dumb.  :-)



Dressager said…
I'd much rather spend the money for a nice-looking, functioning helmet then have my family spend the money on my being a vegetable (or something less severe, hopefully). Courtney King was in a coma for HOW long? Imagine the expenses for that, PLUS PT, PLUS home care, PLUS people to ride her horses while she was out. And the horse simply tripped at a walk from what I understand! Anything goes!

But honestly, I have yet to fall on my head (knock on wood). It would be even more sensible for me to invest in a body vest because I always land on some part of my back or torso! Nothing serious yet, though (knock on wood AGAIN). I know in Norway it is mandatory for all competitors in their national showjumping organization to wear a protective vest, even if they're jumping crossrails or on the flat in competition. That might be the next step, at least for showjumping here, I don't think it would be needed for dressage. Not a bad idea, either. And surprisingly, it doesn't look awkward over a show coats.

Pardon me, I went off on a tangent there!
STB Eventer said…
I agree Bre! And we are already required to wear vests for cross country. I also wear mine for stadium.
Daffodil said…
Helmet ALWAYS! My brain may not be the smartest one out there, but it is all mine and needs all the protection I can give it. I can live with a little helmet hair, nothing a quick brush can´t deal with.
Dom said…
This, this, THIS!

Ironically, the word verification on this comment is 'scare'.