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RABT Summer Cross Country Derby - July 12, 2020

At the beginning of July, Ellie and I tackled our first ever BN level XC course at a competition! We take jumping lessons with Babette at RABT Farm (Rest & Be Thankful Farm), so having Babette there that day to coach me was perfect.  We did have some bobbles on my part, like not riding to each fence and not enough leg (NEVER ENOUGH LEG) so we had one stop on course, but I was super pumped to have a chance to jump around a course at a place we are totally comfortable but it was a crazy chaotic day with 50 horse/rider pairs and a ton more activity than our Wednesday lesson days!  ready to go I paid for a second unjudged round after our division of nine riders jumped and we went clean. It was a beautiful summer day and such a fun opportunity. All COVID protocols were in place and people were super respectful of them.  Due to our stop, we ended up in 8th place with a 3rd place team finish! I paired up with two of my Epona PC teammates for the team competition and they both won their di

Catch up time!

Oh, I have been a bad blogger!  Two months is a long time!  How often I think that ought to go on my blog and then life happens, and we are!  :-) Instead of a long boring post, how about a mess of photos to show you what we have been up to!  :-) Snappy has been jogging... I've done some cleaning and organizing in my tack room!  Believe it or not, I sold a bunch of saddle pads and my show pads are in another trunk!  LOL!  Yes, I have a problem... We now have a jog cart for Snappy... Clarence has done a little riding (here on Dreamy)... We are working on those heels! Sparky is looking fantastic for 31 years old this year! Snappy has finally decided to accept Nose Kisses.   Maybe because she likes her new saddle pad???  LOL! Macky the barn cat has been doing what he does best... Dreamy has been to two open hunter shows so far... And we went to a team penning clinic again!  The trees have finally grown leaves, th