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She's Not a Baby Anymore!

Early spring saw some immediate changes in how Ellie carried herself and our dressage work started to truly improve.  There had been times last year where flat work felt like a fight and I wondered to myself if she was ever going to just relax and listen to me haha.

Thankfully, as the title suggests, Ellie has suddenly grown up in front of my eyes.  We have had some really stellar lessons lately, where I feel like I am suddenly able to make things click.  We also had an incredibly frustrating dressage lesson a few weeks ago where Ellie was in rip-roaring peeing heat (not normal for her) and we worked through 45 minutes of her refusing to bend right.  So, ya know, as much as she is improving, she is still an opinionated redheaded mare!  ;-)

But, I have to give her credit because she is really working her little butt off for me!  Sadly, I had not been able to schedule in a jump lesson before our first three-phase, which led to me riding her ridiculously backward at a slow trot the entire …

"Jekyll and Hyde" Rides

Sometimes I am amazed at how different two rides can be.

Dreamy had Monday off because of the show on Sunday. It is her typical day off. Then Tuesday afternoon/evening it was thunderstorming and HAILING, so no ride. :(

Last night, Wed. June 18, I had a fantastic ride. We just did flat work, including some lateral work. Dreamy was forward and light in the bridle, she cantered both directions as soon as I asked, and we actually had HALF HALTS after our canters! It was absolutely astounding. I quite honestly think it was one of our best rides yet. Her left canter felt a bit more balanced than usual, which was exciting. I only rode for about 45 mins., seeing as I did not get on until 8PM and it was getting rather dark by 8:45PM! LOL!

THEN....tonight was the exact opposite. I wanted to do some of the movements from my tests this weekend. But forget it. It was an obedience ride. She ran through my aids, no half halts, and could NOT canter to the left. And hell, the second time I asked for a right canter, she could not do that either. UGGGG. It was so awful, I really should not have even ridden. It was not worth the time it took to tack her up. I did NOT want to just give up and put her away without some sort of I worked her in the trot until she settled down a little. Then we tried the canter I walked and trotted and walked and trotted......tried again and we got a canter in each direction. It was very rushed and unbalanced, but at least I got it immediately. She was honestly a completely different horse.

I had to keep telling myself in the past half hour since I got off, that this is what training is all about. Two steps forward, four steps back. One step forward, three steps back. is just so frustrating, because on Wednesday night she PROVED she can do it. I told her she was a shit, but I still loved her.....but I did want more consistency. LOL! And you know, maybe she is hurting. I wish I could have gotten the chiro vet out here sooner. But he cannot make it until the middle of July. Oh well.

I have been doing carrot stretches with her for the time being. She was really stiff the first time I tried, but then since she has been much more flexible. I wonder how much of that is because I used those apple wafers the first time I tried and now I am using real pieces of carrot. ROFL! I think she is more flexible because she likes the treat more.

Deep will be OK.....this is how training cannot have perfect rides all the time.....Saturday's show will go just fine......just think of how far you have already brought her along.....she tries really hard (OK, well....except when she loses her mind after cantering). AND I am taking lessons which is so fabulous and has helped us out so much.

Alright, I will NOT get down about this. Wish me luck for this weekend's show! :)