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Hidden Brook Farm Dressage Schooling Show - June 2, 2019

Ellie and I did a show at our lesson barn this past weekend instead of taking a lesson.  I would have done a lesson on Saturday before the show, but my instructor went to NEDA Spring with her eldest daughter, who was able to get her last Grand Prix score for her USDF Gold Medal!!!  So that is a good reason to not be able to lesson haha.

I admit I was a little bummed about our low scores at the SMDA show two weeks prior.  I know a score of 6 (60%) is called satisfactory, but I really thought our performance was better than a low 60%.
I was determined to ride well and even though Beth was not there, I had her youngest daughter as my back up if the wheels fell off the bus LOL!  She was already in the warmup and at the show ring with her actual students, so it was nice to have her there to remind me to breathe and not hang on the left rein!  ;-)
Ellie unloaded and was totally calm.  Honestly, she loves her lesson barn and knows it is her second home haha.  She was much calmer tied to the tra…

Horse Illustrated Profile - I am FAMOUS!

I was featured in the June 2009 Horse Illustrated HI Profile section. Yes, your friend STB Eventer is FAMOUS! LOL! I filled out the information back in the summer of 2008 and sort of forgot about it. I received an email a couple of week ago congratulating me on being chosen! I even won an Absorbine Stall Disinfectant Kit, which is a $50 value! And Absorbine sent me a shirt too! :)

I thought I would keep it a secret from everyone until the issue came out. I was able to purchase it today. Here is the full page...

And here is the close-up....

I hope you can read it! Go out and buy your own copy today! Maybe I will even sign it for you.......ROFLMAO! ;-)


  1. YAY!!!!! Hooray for you and Dreamy! Yay STBs!

  2. That is FANTASTIC!!!! I think it is very cool! If I see one I am totally going to buy it and make you sign it when I meet you :P

  3. Good for you at least they got your's right. hee hee.

    Sounds like you have been and will be much busier than us. I amso glad you are doing well. Love all the rear end action in the picture LOL

  4. I got a phone call last night (5-20-09) from a good friend in Calif, telling me ALL about this lady in Maine LOL for sure.

    I had sent this friend pictures of that lady from Maine up on the big guy doing the Dressage Test at the National in 2008. He "got it" then. We had a great laugh and he told me to tell you he enjoyed the heck out of the piece in HI and told a few of his friends out there about the little Standardbred mare that CAN!!!!


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