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NER United States Pony Club Show Jump Rally - July 20, 2019

Ellie and I had SO MUCH FUN at our first Pony Club jump rally this year.  We drove up to Clay Brook Farms, where we had our D-1/D-2 rating, in order to compete for the day on July 20.  This happened to be one of the hottest days of summer, so the organizers modified the schedule a bit.  Instead of doing two rounds in the morning and one in the afternoon, we all did just two rounds (with a ten-minute break in between) all in the morning, so we were done and headed out just after lunch.  
Everything ran so smoothly despite the condensed format.  We were able to do our formal inspections right before we mounted up, and we were all encouraged to limit our warm up time.  We were not allowed to wear jackets, and there was a TON of horse water and ice cold human water available at numerous stations around the field.
I was competing with Epona Pony Club, but I was again put on a Horsemaster team with two other adults from Foxcroft Pony Club, Angie and Beth, the two riders I competed with at the…

UNH Dressage Show Aug. 1-2, 2009

Well, I am going to begin a recap of all that I have been up to since I last blogged. So many things have been happening, and most of them have been very good! Life has settled down to a very happy and positive keel, so I am a much happier girl. Sometimes you gotta take the bad with the good.

After the Isaac Royal show I last wrote about, we headed to UNH (University of New Hampshire, my alma mater!) again for a two day dressage show. This was our worst one of the year, and I believe it is due to Dreamy having her Potomac and Rhino/Flu shots just days beforehand. In order to gear up for the Standardbred National show in New Jersey, I needed a 30 day health certificate and I also give her a booster for Rhino/Flue and a yearly Potomac Horse Fever vaccine. I do not normally give the PHF, but I wanted to do that now (and last year) since we traveled so far south. Better to be safe than sorry.

I thought she would be OK, but she was sluggish and dull. She was also very stiff in the canter, much more so than she has ever been. She has not been that stiff again, thankfully. Never again will I plan shots to fall so closely to a show. Next time, shots will come on a Monday, our day off!

Also it was super difficult for her in the grass ring at UNH. We had a ridiculous amount of rain this past summer in Maine/New Hampshire and the one grass ring was horrible! And of course, I did three of my four tests in the grass ring. L Out of four rings, we got the grass one!

We did Training 2 both days, both times in the grass ring, earning a 56.429% on Saturday and a 55.714% on Sunday. Our scores ranged from 5-8. Training 4 on Saturday was a VERY bad 49.200% in the grass ring and on Sunday was 59.600% in the sand ring! Both Training 4 tests had scores from 4-8. My friend Rachel came out to watch us and got some good pics.

Here we are in the warm up...

Training 2 on Sunday


  1. I love the freewalk picture! I am sorry it didn't go so well, and I am also surprised that they even had a grass ring. Clearly you northerners are much tougher because I think people would have thrown a fit showing in grass around here!


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