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Recapping 2019

I had many great horsey experiences in 2019!  I am really pleased with how the year went overall; nothing is ever perfect, but both horses are sound, happy, and healthy, which is really what matters to me. Some of my 2019 goals were met easily or with lots of hard work, and a few of them were utter fails haha.  C'est la vie! Let's recap! Happy, health, sound Both mares are doing well in this regard!  Dreamy will be 29 this year, and while she definitely shows signs of her age at times, she overall looks and acts much younger than she really is!  Ellie has really matured this year, filling out as well as mentally becoming more comfortable in her own skin.  As she will be eight this year, I feel like we have moved through the baby phase. having this photo shoot was definitely a highlight of 2019! Continue lessons with Beth and Babette This goal was met and then some!  I took almost weekly dressage lessons with Beth and monthly jump lessons with Babette. Thanks to the

Why, Hello 2010!

Wow, this past year went by so fast! All in all, despite some rough spots, 2009 was not a bad year. Dreamy and I made the leap to rated dressage shows, and while I was super nervous, I am very pleased with how we did. It was a huge step, and perhaps we were not quite ready for it, but I am glad we did it. If Dreamy's recent rides are any indication of our readiness for 2010, I would say we are going to do quite well.

My older mare Sparky had a wonderful year. She looks great and is feeling good. I rode her bareback on Christmas (as is our tradition...) and she was frisky and eager to be out in the snow. She bucked and played at the canter in the beginning, which tells me she feels good. Every time I look at her I am proud to have an older horse (she will be 28 in 2010!) who looks so good for her age. I know it is my careful husbandry and attention to detail that keeps her healthy.

And of course, 2009 brought the arrival of the Super Filly. I adore my big girl and she has found her place here at the farm. Reva is smart and willing, taking to under saddle work with wisdom beyond her years. She is sane and easygoing, and I know it will be fun to begin serious training with her this coming year. Her hooves are gorgeous. Her legs are rested. I know we have much to look forward to in the future!

And perhaps the biggest positive was an overall improvement in my personal relationships. My marriage is stronger (YAY!) and my friendships are MUCH healthier! I have NEVER been a person who likes drama, and have always prided myself in taking the high road. My mother taught me well, I must say. And events of this year have proven my unwillingness to be a drama queen time and TIME again. I am happy to say I am mentally stable and will no longer allow any of the CRAZIES to enter my life. WHEW!

Here are my wonderful mares. First comes Sparky, my first horse. <3

And Dreamy.
And of course, Reva.

Sparky is in great shape!

Hey girl!Enjoying her Dengie....

And here are stills from a short video of Ms. Reva enjoying the snow. It was a bit slippery and thankfully she did not fall! Silly filly!

As my friend Helene said, "I see some nice dressage moves in there!" LOL! :)

More later on my 2010 riding goals and a wrap up of 2009 accomplishments. It is hard to do 2009 accomplishments when I have not attended all of my banquets! I have Maine Dressage Society's banquet at the end of January and then SPHO-NJ's banquet in the middle of February.


  1. Sparky is adorable - I love the old horses - my Noble will be 29 in May. Nice pictures of all of them. Here's hoping 2010 treats you well!

  2. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

  3. Aw, thanks Kate! I am glad to hear Noble is feeling better!

    Thanks Aarene! You too!

  4. Thank you for posting. I hope you know how fortunate you are to have your Sparky Girl (I am sure she feels the same). It brings tears to my eyes. You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY <3
    Happiest and Healthiest New Years to you and yours!


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