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NEJA Two-Phase - May 31, 2020

Of course, none of us had any idea if we would be able to compete in 2020. I will say that my big goals for the year (which were sitting in an unpublished post from January 2020!) were to keep my horses healthy, happy, sound, to move up to BN with Ellie, and to complete one recognized horse trial at BN. And despite all of the COVID-19 protocols and cancellations over the year, we did meet our goals (mostly). Many of the local barns here in Maine took on the challenge of bringing us safe competitions in 2020. Ellie and I started the year by competing in a little schooling 2-phase and debuting at BN. It went well and it got me excited about the year's possibilities.  We had a great dressage test (placed second in our division) and then had one rail in our show jump course. The rail was totally my fault and for our first ever BN outing, I was pretty excited! We ended up fourth in a mid-sized division. And because I do not remember much else for specifics, here's a big old photo du

UMaine Spring Fling photos!

As promised...!!!

Here is our loot! :)


  1. You both look terrific. I love the smile in the first photo!

  2. You guys look like you're having fun, and have to love that blue ribbon!

  3. Thanks! I love showing and always have that silly smile on my face. I have been teased in the past...LOL!

    Even the sprained ankle at the end of the day couldn't wipe the smile away.... :D

  4. Way to go, great pictures and Blue baby!! :)

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more this summer :)

  6. Great photos - thanks for posting them! Love the big smile in the first one. If it was me showing (ack!)I would have a worried, nervous look, for sure! ;-)


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