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Wentworth Hunter Pace - June 6, 2021

After Margaret and I had such a fun time at the fall hunter pace, we opted to go again this spring! This time, while I rode Rejoice again, Margaret rode her horse Jester and had a friend ride Ladyhawke. All Kennebec Morgans!! Jester and Rejoice have the same dam and Jester and Lady share the same sire. Unfortunately instead of a lovely late spring day, we had one of the first intensely hot and humid days of the year. It was definitely a bummer, but the ride was mostly in the shade of the woods and we had a great time!  most of the fences were 3' coops but we found a small log and this hay to jump haha Until we didn't. 😑 We brought along a third friend who rode Margaret's older mare, Ladyhawke. She's a good rider but hasn't known Ladyhawke for very long and didn't realize how much of a cranky boss mare she could be at times. She kicked Jester right in the front leg just about halfway through the ride, and while the cut itself ended up not being a big deal in the


There is nothing like walking outdoors at 6:15 AM and finding a horse loose in the barnyard. Yikes!  How in the world the filly escaped her stall last week escapes me!  LOL!  Thankfully Reva was easy to catch, following me into the barn when I went to get her halter.  She had no scrapes or cuts, and while she did eat a bit of hay stacked in the barn and leave her hoof prints in the driveway, it did not appear that she did any damage.  It also did not appear that she had been loose for very long.

I fully expected to see her stall door off its hinges, or something to that effect.   Oddly enough, not only was the door fine, but the chain hook was not damaged at all!  Huh???  The only thing I can figure is that she played with the doubled ended snap long enough to unhook it from the eye hook???  (Side note: I don't really like her stall door set-up, but it is safe and works.....most of the time!!!  It is a wire mesh stall gate and the latch is a short piece of chain, with a double ended snap on each end that connects to an eye hook.  I hook the chain around the end of the door.)  Anyway, I went to the hardware store that same day and bought two bull snaps like this and connected them to the chain with links.
Hopefully they will work well.  So far, she has not tried to escape again.  If she is able to unhook the bull snaps, well then I am out of ideas!  LOL!

So apparently, not only does Reva enjoy escaping from her pasture, now she has figured out how to escape her stall as well!  :-p  At least the new hot wire (and taller) fence has put an end to her pasture adventures, and I am hoping the new snap will help as well.   Oh mare!!!


  1. Johnny and Reva should become friends...Johnny is a complete escape artist, he has to have his stall door buckled shut with a spur strap because he takes everything else off! People under-estimate the cleverness of horses!


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