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NEJA Winter Schooling Jumper Show - April 25, 2021

Our final NEJA show in their winter series was at the end of April. On a whim, I decided to kick it old school and wear my rust breeches and navy coat. I definitely got a few "looks" from some of the HJ crowd, but it was worth being the weirdo eventer girl haha. It was a gorgeous spring day and our rounds were all excellent. Rejoice really seems to enjoy her newfound jumper pony status and powered around like she knew what she was doing haha.  My goals for the day were to win the ground poles speed class by taking a sneaky route someone's trainer would not approve of again haha like I did at the March show and to remember my jump off round like I did NOT do at the March show! Though there wasn't a super sneaky route to take in the ground poles class, I made sure to set her up for tight turns and rollbacks. We did win the class out of nine riders! Whoot! Our speed cross rails was also a good class, with Rejoice willing to listen to half halts, turn on a dime, and also

Otter Pond Ride

On August 4, my friend Lydia and I took our horses to play in Otter Pond in Standish, ME.  We had hoped to actually swim in the pond, but it was really shallow really close to shore and then there was a HUGE drop off into the pond.  So we really could only splash around a little.  It was still super fun and I hope we can find a place to actually swim next summer when Lydia comes home from college in Montana!

It ended up that the only day that worked for us both was the Saturday right before my dressage show that I posted about yesterday.  While Dreamy is a complete been-there-done-that horse and would be the obvious pick for my first try swimming with my mares, she really doesn't like water.  Of course, she will trot and even canter through water on the trail and in a cross country course, but she only does it because I ask.  Reva LOVES water and tries to splash in the little puddles in the yard.  So I felt like Reva was a better choice, even though she is much greener and had a show the following day.  I knew Reva would be fine to trail ride and then show in the same weekend, but after scoring SO well the next day, I figured it MUST have been because she went to the pond the day before!  I declared that in order to do well at a dressage show, we must swim!  LOL!  ;-)

We decided to go bareback (good plan for Reva's third trail ride of her life, right? LOL!), with just our bathing suits and shorts.  Oh and sneakers WITHOUT socks in case we got really wet. I opted for a bareback pad just in case I needed a bit more "grip" if Reva acted like a 6 year old.  (She didn't!  LOL!)  Our motto for the day was "safety first!"  We looked like white trash horse bums, but we didn't care!  LOL!

Reva loves Lydia's horse Rey.  She is not herd bound with him, but definitely likes having him there for support.  It is quite cute.  He is a very good boy and very used to helping start colts, so he was patient with Reva.  She was a little looky on the trail at first, but settled in easily and was even happy to lead!  She was unsure of the water at first, but instead of fighting about it, I let her follow Rey in.  Soon she was happy and comfortable enough to create HUGE splashes with her front hooves.  I swear she KNEW she was splashing Rey right in the face.  Reva really seemed to love the water!

Sorry the photos are such low quality.  We decided to use a waterproof disposable camera, since neither of us wanted to bring our phones or a real camera.  I actually had to get FILM developed!  What is that?  LOL!  ;-D  How old school, right?

Reva started splashing pretty quickly...!
Oh, I was laughing so hard.  She was very adamant in her splashing!  LOL!  Don't you LOVE my outfit!?
Lydia and Rey
I love her expression.  :-)
There are more pics here!  


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