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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Noble Outfitters Refer-A-Friend Contest!

Somehow I managed to win the Noble Outfitters' Refer-A-Friend contest, which featured a $250 shopping spree!  I guess I can no longer claim I never win anything LOL!!

When I first received the email, I was a bit skeptical.  I actually called Noble Outfitters just to be sure this was real life!  It took me several days to peruse their website and decide what to buy.  I had to pay shipping (totally fine with that) and with the $250 gift code, I only had to pay around $8 out-of-pocket for all six items!  SWEET!

I had been wanting new riding socks, so I am glad I waited to pull the trigger on buying them!  I think the fox socks might become my new dressage show socks to match my Annie's Equestrienne coat, and the bucking bronc pair was just too funny.  I already own a pair of NO's Over the Calf Peddies, and they really are comfortable and fit well under tall boots.

I ended up choosing a show shirt, called the Madison show shirt, that I probably never would have purchased without this contest because of the $90 price point and the fact that I already own several show shirts.  However, I do not have a long sleeved white shirt (shocking, I know) and I really liked the snap collar and fun pop of color inside the neck and wrists.  It is made of a super nice wicking stretchy material that is supposed to be well ventilated.  It is clearly a well made shirt and totally worth the $90!  I ordered my normal size small and it fits great.

I also splurged on an Ashley Performance long sleeved shirt, which is still a bit out of my price range for a schooling shirt at $65, but I may have bought it without the contest since this is my favorite color!  It is also made out of a nice wicking material and is claimed to be UPF 50+.  Definitely a nice shirt and the reviews make it sound like it really is cool on hot days.  I ordered a medium because I did not want it super skin tight.  It is perfect, except the arms do seem rather long.  I am a tiny 5' person, so maybe that's the problem haha!

At that point in my deliberations, I didn't really know what else to use my money on.  It was a one shot deal and I had to use the code by the end of the year, so I didn't want to wait too long or not spend the entire amount at once.  I did more searching and decided to order a nice utility knife called the Viper.  At one time back in college when I first started driving my old Morgan, Sparky, I had a good knife that I always wore on a string like a necklace when driving her.  I was told by my driving instructor at the time that it was a must-have in case of an emergency where I had to cut through the harness.  (Funny, we did have an accident once at a show and I did use the knife to free her from the harness.  Besides the both of us being shook up and a few minor cuts and abrasions on her hind leg, we were fine.  The harness needed parts replaced that I cut and the cart needed a minor repair.  We were lucky!!)

At some point about six years ago, I lost track of the knife and figured this was as good a time as any to replace it.  I have a basically brand new pleasure driving harness that does fit Ellie that I had bought for Snappy, and I plan to train her to drive in the spring with my little metal cart.  Then, I can go about finding a wooden meadowbrook type road cart (never should have sold the one I had for Sparky!!).  Plus, it is always good to have a knife handy in the barn.  

Then I figured I might as well look for a nice button down shirt for my husband, because he deserves nice things too (and I had no idea what else to buy for me!) and this Generations Fit plaid shirt is really well made and definitely worth the $42 price tag.  Heck, this seemed cheap compared to the $90 show shirt hahaha and something I would buy again for him without winning a contest!  I almost threw out a little card on the front of the shirt (you can see it in the photo) that says Noble Outfitters gives away a free matching youth shirt!  While I would definitely pay $40 for another shirt like this for my husband, I would never pay $40 for a shirt for a growing toddler LOL!  So along with the receipt, I sent the card and am supposed to receive a cute matching shirt in 6-8 weeks for our littlest son who is about to turn two!  The smallest size was a 4T, and he is currently wearing 2T, so he will have a few years until he can wear it!

Here are the spoils!

Uhhhh, can you tell I have a favorite color???  😂   I didn't notice anything until I received the email (screenshot above) and was like oh hey, look at that hahaha!

So, thank you Noble Outfitters!  This is not normally a company I have purchased from, but now that I own a bunch of items, I can say it is worth looking!  All the items are well made and worth the money (even though it wasn't MY money I spent haha!).


That' so cool. I wish I'd won. I just bought those fox socks and they are adorable.
TeresaA said…
I am so jealous! I love noble outfitters! I have a pair of their MUDS and they are perfect boots. I love everything that you chose. I have an 'equestrian' swiss army knife. It comes with a hoof pick, wire cutter, hole punch and, of course, cork screw. :D
I am such a sucker for anything with foxes!
Good to know you like their boots, as I will look at them when my current Bogs need replacing! Ohhhh, that sounds like the perfect knife! ;-)
emma said…
lol i'm definitely sensing a theme among your picks ;) what a cool prize tho - lots of good stuff there! i haven't purchased much noble outfitters stuff bc honestly even tho a lot of it is well priced, i tend to be a little.... aggressively economical lol (read: cheap). hope you like it all!
Martidoll said…
how cool!! yay! And yes YOU MUST drive Ellie so i can live vicariously through you driving Morgans again SO MUCH FUN! Love all the color! it will look fantastic on her!
WAIT. STOP. They make corgi socks???? WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS TIL NOW.
YES! The Corgi socks are the ones I had first! Best "trophy" I have ever won at a horse show this year!!!
I am the same way! Though c'mon, I prefer the term "frugal" hahahaha!!
Yes definitely! I loved driving my Morgan, Sparky and I did drive Snappy a little (though never showed her in carriage since I don't have a show worthy cart at the moment).
Carly said…
I probably would have spent all $250 on socks!