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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

Can You Spot the Morgan Horses?

Which horses are Morgans?  Take a look and comment your guesses below!  Choose any from A through M!












*All photos are from Creative Commons


Britt Gillis said…
I was going to pick one, but I'm pretty sure all of these could be Morgans in some shape or form. Although L has been seriously doubting.
Karen said…
All of them!!
APitts said…
I think this is a trick question. ;) Aren't they all Morgans?
Carol Holm said…
They're probably all Morgans as I am suspicious this is a trick question. But I'm going to guess, A, B, C, F, G, h, I, K, M
TeresaA said…
I"m going to say all of them (except for J- I'm just not sure about that one)
Nadia Novik said…
A, B, C, E, H, I, M
Or, it's a trick question and they are ALL Morgans, lol
Martidoll said…
I was going to say all of them because God most of them look like the 'modern Morgan' Sigh.

But I think maybe a few of them are Saddlebreds. I think that C, E, F are Morgans. I hope D is not. I am torn on G and H but gonna say they are Morgans (But could be Saddlebreds). Even though the horse looks Saddlebredy I am going to say I is a Morgan (could go either way). J is for sure and M too. I think K & L are Saddlebreds but AGAIN who the hell knows nowadays.

You and I need to have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and talk Morgans. We have very similar ideas about the way the breed has gone I think :) Thanks for this early morning exercise for me I needed it (PS I would take C, E and J in a hot minute !)
OnTheBit said…
I feel like all of those are Morgans, although it has been many, many years since I rode a Morgan (gotta love New England college breeding programs with Morgans at the center!). My personal favorite is J followed by C!
Amanda said…
Oh this is depressing, but I'm going with:
A, C, E, F, H, J
L.Williams said…
Trick question they all are?