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Course Brook Farm USEA Horse Trials - July 19, 2020

So, this was the big recognized BN event I had planned for and hoped for in 2020. Ellie and I had done well at the BN 2-phase in May and the BN cross country derby the week prior. I thought we could do just fine. Yet, we had started to have a problem with jumping that sort of began slowly and ended up becoming a real problem. At the time, I had a bad habit of taking my leg off and expecting my horse to jump, as my previous Standardbreds were so incredibly honest. Ellie is brave and willing, but as the fences got bigger (not that BN is that high, but 2'7" was certainly the largest we had jumped by 2020!) and I just sort of sat there passively, Ellie started to stop. She would stop if she thought the jump looked a bit scary, she would stop if she just didn't understand the question, she would stop because she really wasn't seeing the jump. Hmm. It took Babette and I a while to figure this all out, but the catalyst was this recognized event at Course Brook Farm in MA. We

Can You Spot the Morgan Horses?

Which horses are Morgans?  Take a look and comment your guesses below!  Choose any from A through M!












*All photos are from Creative Commons


  1. I was going to pick one, but I'm pretty sure all of these could be Morgans in some shape or form. Although L has been seriously doubting.

  2. I think this is a trick question. ;) Aren't they all Morgans?

  3. They're probably all Morgans as I am suspicious this is a trick question. But I'm going to guess, A, B, C, F, G, h, I, K, M

  4. I"m going to say all of them (except for J- I'm just not sure about that one)

  5. A, B, C, E, H, I, M
    Or, it's a trick question and they are ALL Morgans, lol

  6. I was going to say all of them because God most of them look like the 'modern Morgan' Sigh.

    But I think maybe a few of them are Saddlebreds. I think that C, E, F are Morgans. I hope D is not. I am torn on G and H but gonna say they are Morgans (But could be Saddlebreds). Even though the horse looks Saddlebredy I am going to say I is a Morgan (could go either way). J is for sure and M too. I think K & L are Saddlebreds but AGAIN who the hell knows nowadays.

    You and I need to have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and talk Morgans. We have very similar ideas about the way the breed has gone I think :) Thanks for this early morning exercise for me I needed it (PS I would take C, E and J in a hot minute !)

  7. I feel like all of those are Morgans, although it has been many, many years since I rode a Morgan (gotta love New England college breeding programs with Morgans at the center!). My personal favorite is J followed by C!

  8. Oh this is depressing, but I'm going with:
    A, C, E, F, H, J


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