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Recapping 2019

I had many great horsey experiences in 2019!  I am really pleased with how the year went overall; nothing is ever perfect, but both horses are sound, happy, and healthy, which is really what matters to me.

Some of my 2019 goals were met easily or with lots of hard work, and a few of them were utter fails haha.  C'est la vie! Let's recap!

Happy, health, sound
Both mares are doing well in this regard!  Dreamy will be 29 this year, and while she definitely shows signs of her age at times, she overall looks and acts much younger than she really is!  Ellie has really matured this year, filling out as well as mentally becoming more comfortable in her own skin.  As she will be eight this year, I feel like we have moved through the baby phase.

Continue lessons with Beth and Babette
This goal was met and then some!  I took almost weekly dressage lessons with Beth and monthly jump lessons with Babette. Thanks to the Morgan Dressage Association scholarship, I was also able to attend two clini…

Eliot was right

April really IS the cruelest month.  Ugg.  It is no secret those of us who live where winter is a season are all totally completely OVER winter.  We started our school vacation week here in Maine on Friday, and it was a lovely sunny near 60 degree day.  Pretty much what one might expect of a beautiful spring day.

And then the temperature dropped significantly yesterday (Saturday) and it started to rain, sleet, snow, etc. and isn't supposed to let up until Monday afternoon.  Forecasters like to call this a "wintery mix".  It is currently 28 degrees, real feel of 21.  Yeah.

Needless to say, I did not have my weekly lesson today.  I don't drive in the ice, never mind truck a horse.  :-(  

Instead of feeling sorry for myself because of the weather haha, I will say we had great rides this week.  And it has to warm up eventually, right?  RIGHT?!

I gave her Monday off and we rode the rest of the week, even yesterday morning before it started raining.  Working to slow down the walk has really helped Ellie's balance and connection in the walk.  We had lots of good transitions moving between stretchy free walk and working walk, too.  Most of our trot work has been on a 20 m. circle, especially with some spiraling in and out.  I started to ask for leg yield on a straight line too, as she seems to really understand leg yielding out on a circle.  Plus, after a winter of trying to not fight about flinging her head in the halt, she has developed an understanding of how to halt off the seat.  It is still not perfect, but I am relieved she is finally starting to understand.  And her rein backs have been improving the same as well.

Thursday I opted to try to reach the trails at the far end of the Christmas tree fields.  There is one spot in all the fields that is low lying and still too muddy, so I accidentally pockmarked the edge of the path.  Oooops.  

We did make it into the woods at least.  And for her second ever trail ride and first time alone, Ellie was really brave.  We only went out for about ten minutes in the woods because there is still a lot of mud and seriously wet areas.

brave trail horse
 At least the mud puddles are fun for playing in.  The two year old and I thoroughly enjoyed our first day of vacation on Friday when the temps were so warm.  I may have won myself a new pair of cool new boots, but who can compete with frog face boots???  haha

spring fun
There is an opening date looming for a dressage show with our local GMO so I spent time yesterday afternoon getting the paperwork together instead of feeling sorry for myself about the weather.  LOL
being cute during night turn in
And I discovered in a random internet search today while the small child naps that USEA does indeed accept the Myler bits for eventing dressage.  Maybe I can find one used to try out, since I am not really in the mood to pay $100 on a bit!  ;-)  So that is exciting since Ellie still isn't totally thrilled with any specific bit yet.

Page 6 of Annex 1!
Alright, five months straight of shit winter weather is getting old.  This is the first time I have actually considered that living in a state with winter isn't worth it!  I'll be glad when I have fun things to write about instead of complaints because of the weather!  ;-)


  1. ugh i am thinking of you guys. Yesterday was 88 here (TOO HOT BY FAR FOR APRIL) and today it is 42 degrees. YES You do the math. Mother Nature is a very cruel bitch LOL!

    I Hope this is the last of the weather for you guys. What a brave trail horse Ellie is (I am not sure Remus would go on his own in the woods, there's lions in them woods he thinks). And good news on the bits. I think some tack shops online let you try the bits first? But not sure who does that i just remember thinking it was a neat idea. Love the frog boots and would totally buy a pair of them for adult me :)

    1. Ugggg that is waaaay too much of a temperature swing!!

      Ellie is actually pretty darn brave, or maybe she just thinks I will keep her safe? Haha. There are definitely places online that will let me try the Myler for a week (Mary's Tack for one!) but let's be real here. I will never send it back because I am a bit hoarder! LMAO so I am looking around for a used one right now. But if I cannot find one, I will just order it on trial from Mary's.

    2. OMG and the frog boots! Aren't they the cutest? I would totally rock a pair of them as well. For the first couple of days he refused to bring them outside because I think he thought they were toys hahahaha.

  2. I, too, am over this weather. We got hit with that ice storm (the northeast seems to get our Michigan weather a day later for most systems) for Saturday and Sunday. Everything is icy and it makes me grumpy since I was out in short sleeves and flip flops on Thursday.

    As long as it's gone by this next weekend though, I'll be happy. I'm camping and no one wants to go camping during an ice storm.

  3. Ugh booo winter :( yay for show entries tho!! And even better that they do actually accept more myler bits. I knew the one I have is legal (the comfort snaffle I think) but that’s great news about the rest. FWIW I found a screaming good deal on mine on eBay - they do come up every now and then if you’re patient!

    1. Apparently we shall be riding in our dressage show in the snow hahahaha or ice! ;-) I have totally been stalking the interwebz all weekend (not much else to do in an ice/snow storm, right??) and nothing yet. Patience!

  4. I'm glad Ellie was brave and I hope winter decides to finally dissipate.

    1. It better because I haven't been warm since last September haha.

  5. I hear you on the crazy weatehr! But the more turbulent the weather gets re: up-downs with temperature and the associated precipitation, the closer I know we are to breaking into spring officially. We've had rain, snow, wind, flooding, and 40º temperature fluctuations in the past few days, and the extended forecast is looking better and better! lol

    1. I am going to take your word for it hahaha! I just want it to be WARM and SUNNY! I'd even take warm and cloudy!

  6. April is the cruelest month here too. Ugh. Love your daughters boots though! I wonder if they make them in a size 10... lol

  7. Winter will not end! Thinking of you up North and sending warm vibes your way

    1. Send your warm weather, please! I'm freezing!!! :-D


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