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Bel Joeor Sale and Giveaway!

Amanda from Bel Joeor is hosting a big sale on her Etsy site and a giveaway on her blog!  She makes beautiful saddle covers and bags.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and entering her contest.  

There's Your Sign

A year ago, in August of 2017, I contacted the Stable Sign Co. about creating a sign for our barn.  Amelia was AWESOME about helping me come up with the right design, look, and size.  She is located in NH, about two hours away, in an area I don't frequent, so at first we discussed shipping and then she offered to meet me in Maine (they were visiting family for Labor Day weekend).
PC: The Stable Sign Co.

PC: The Stable Sign Co.
The sign is GORGEOUS.  I have had it stashed in my basement for a FULL YEAR, which has made me super sad haha.  My husband wanted to have our barn painted before we hung the sign (fair enough).  I happily bought ten gallons of red stain in April.  And then my husband stalled and stalled about getting started on the actual task of painting.  Once we had time in the summer, he claimed it was too hot (fair enough).

But FINALLY he started painting.  Even though I am obviously capable of painting, I know my husband well enough to know I would never "do it right", so I just let him be in charge LOL!  I have helped here and there, but mostly my job has been to supervise and keep the three year old out of the paint.  Honestly, I would much prefer that job to standing on a ladder with a paintbrush.

PC: The Stable Sign Co.

PC: The Stable Sign Co.

PC: The Stable Sign Co.
As soon as the front of the barn was done (minus the top part of the white trim - whoops forgot to do that), we hung the sign.  He was the manpower on the ladder and I was the mastermind with the tape measure, pencil, and scrap paper haha.  Amelia had attached little fasteners to the ends of the sign, so we just had to figure out a few measurements, mark a few spots on the barn and the sign, and use a level to be sure it was straight.  This part was actually a lot easier than I figured (we didn't even argue once lol), and now the sign is up!


TeresaA said…
oh my that sign and your barn are GORGEOUS! Your husband sounds a lot like mine. :)
Carly said…
Ooh, so classy looking!!
KateRose said…
What a lovely sign, it looks fantastic!!
Martidoll said…
ha is it funny i read your title in Jeff Foxworthy's voice in my head/ LOL

love the sign! Need to come up with a name for my place sometime ;) Your barn looks great all painted too :)
Liz Stout said…
It looks gorgeous! How perfect.
I love it! I'll have to keep them in mind if we get a sign for our barn. Your barn looks so cute in the new colors too. I have been trying to convince my husband to get the arena done in traditional red and white. So far, no go.
Thank you! I am so in love with it all. It is truly my dream come true to have a little red barn. And I am glad someone else understands stubborn husbands hahaha!
Thank you! I think so too! I wasn't really planning to paint it until my husband suggested it. I am glad he did!
Thank you! I am so impressed with her work! And it was sooooo affordable!
Hahaha I am glad someone got the Jeff Foxworthy reference hahaha! And thank you! My husband is credited with the name, but it has been fun to feel like we have a "real farm"! ;-) You definitely will need to come up with something!
Thank you! I adore it and at first I didn't want to paint it haha!
Sara said…
That sign is gorgeous!! And your barn is too.
Martidoll said…
just pulled up the site. They do stall signs too!! Swoon. which sign is the one you got for your barn?? and I loved You might be a redneck. :)
Laura said…
Looks incredible!! The sign is gorgeous and the barn looks great freshly painted! My barn is off-white with blue trim and matches my house. The barn has siding, so no need to paint it, but I repainted the barn doors last year and it looks so much nicer! I just need a farm name (can't settle on anything, lol) and a sign!
There is nothing like a traditional red and white barn in New England! The stain is even called Barn Red or something like that haha.
Thank you! I keep staring at it out the windows when I am in the house because it looks so different LOL!
Thank you! We considered doing the barn to match the house, but then the little girl in me was dying to have the iconic New England red and white barn haha. Choosing a farm name is tough! If my husband had not have come up with Clover Ledge a few years ago, I would still be hemming and hawing hahaha!
L.Williams said…
That sign is gorgeous!
Thank you! I love it more than I thought I would! I keep staring at it out my house windows hahaha.
LiveToFly said…
Your barn is SO CUTE
Dave Miller said…
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