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Hidden Brook Farm Dressage Schooling Show - June 2, 2019

Ellie and I did a show at our lesson barn this past weekend instead of taking a lesson.  I would have done a lesson on Saturday before the show, but my instructor went to NEDA Spring with her eldest daughter, who was able to get her last Grand Prix score for her USDF Gold Medal!!!  So that is a good reason to not be able to lesson haha.

I admit I was a little bummed about our low scores at the SMDA show two weeks prior.  I know a score of 6 (60%) is called satisfactory, but I really thought our performance was better than a low 60%.
I was determined to ride well and even though Beth was not there, I had her youngest daughter as my back up if the wheels fell off the bus LOL!  She was already in the warmup and at the show ring with her actual students, so it was nice to have her there to remind me to breathe and not hang on the left rein!  ;-)
Ellie unloaded and was totally calm.  Honestly, she loves her lesson barn and knows it is her second home haha.  She was much calmer tied to the tra…

For the record....

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  1. you have the rest of us dying in curiosity...what happened?

  2. I love this Blog. Too bad that parents who have NO clue about what their kids are up to have to TRY to derail YOUR blog.

    As someone who will lose a National Championship to a kid who didn't win it honestly I have to back up what was written by you.

    Let the kid and her mother do their own blog and stay off yours. JMO

  3. LOL!!!! :D Well, check out the comment I got under the post about liking my horses better than most people. I laughed when I read it, and wanted to ignore it, but had to respond. :) No willpower here. I love how folks think it is all about them....and hey wait a minute....isn't this MY BLOG???? Never once did I mention the idenity of the people I referenced. It was about 4 different people as a matter of fact. It could have been anyone.... And at the same time, I knew very well that they might read it. BUT, I have no problems standing behind my own opinions. The thing is I don't feel the need to do it to their faces, since what would it really prove? So I wanted to complain on my blog about how people view ribbons. Big deal. I highly doubt the blogger of Fugly HOTD cares if people read what she writes about their horses and uses their pictures. LOL!!!! There was nothing slanderous about what I wrote unless someone else wants to put there own name to it. That is their problem if they want to make it known who I am referencing.....not mine.

  4. I think you made some valid points in your other post. And honestly, your examples could have come from ANY show circuit, or heck, ANY barn. (Ask me about the 4-Her that placed FOURTH in a large tricounty class with an honest-to-god emaciated horse. Ask me what the "responsible adults" officiating the event told my 14y/o self when I spoke up.) I've been known to eat entry fees when I get to a show and realize my guy is just not right, or to drive various trainers and vets nuts as I insist a horse is NQR somewhere. I'm used to being condescended to. But hey, the old broodie I swore was taking some funny steps the other day? Blew an abscess out her heel this afternoon. Sometimes I hate being right.

    And not to be snarky, but if anyone reading thought your comments were directed at them... Well hey, guilty conscience much?

  5. NTAT - Heck yeah, you got that right! :) Too bad about the mare with the abscess though. :(

    Anon - I actually know who you are, despite the anonymous post.....LOL! I know you know all the situations I speak of. :)


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