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ME Morgan Benefit Show - August 10, 2019

I had not been planning to bring Ellie to this show, but an email had gone out to members a few days prior that entries were a bit low.  So in order to support the club, we headed out to Pineland Farm the morning of August 10, for what promised to be a gorgeous summer day!  All photos that I am in were purchased from the show photographer!
I always think these types of shows are going to be fine, but at the end of every single one of them, I always remember why I should stick with dressage and eventing haha.  That is not to say there is anything wrong with open shows or the club that runs them; this is just not the type of showing we do well at because she's not a "show horse".
The show was held at a gorgeous facility that boasts both large indoor and outdoor arenas.  They chose to have the show indoors with warm-up outside, which is fine, but Ellie was not a fan of the indoor.  One corner was open to the large and echo-y storage area where they had set up the secretary…

Two Year Old Maine Sire Stakes Finals - September 8, 2013

Time to catch up!  It's only been......two years since I last wrote on my blog!  LOL!  Lots of exciting things to share.  But first let's finish out the horsey events of 2013!

On September 8, 2013, Dreamy and I marshaled at Scarborough Downs for the 2YO Finals.  As per her usual, Dreamy was perfect.