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Feeding and Supplementing the Air Fern

It is no secret that most Morgans are notoriously easy keepers, and Ellie is no exception. She will never be the type of horse who receives the full recommended amount listed on a grain feed tag and could easily live on hay alone, especially as I feed high-quality second crop hay from the field next door.  However, feeding hay alone means she would lack the proper amount of vitamins and minerals.

does this hay make my butt look big?
This leaves ration balancers, which I think are the best invention ever.  It allows me to give Ellie the vitamins and minerals she needs without all the calories she certainly doesn't need.  I have always loved researching feeds and supplements, and I chose Grow 'N Win for her.  So far, the monthly shipments from Chewy have been without any issues, as I cannot purchase it locally.  I actually LOVE the convenience of having feed delivered directly to my house (along with the cat food, too)!

Grow 'N Win with PM supplement
Between the high-quality hay and Grow 'N Win, Ellie really does not need any supplements, regardless of what the multitude of equine companies out there want me to believe haha.  However, I admit I was sucked into Smartpak's ColiCare deal for the $7500 colic surgery reimbursement, and also because I figure between the trailering and showing, Ellie could use digestive support anyway.

However, after all the issues with SmartPak, I choose to move my business over to Platinum Performance.  Ellie is entering her third month on the Platinum Performance GI supplement, and so far I am happy with the switch.  She still has colic surgery coverage, but the limit is now up to $10,000.  The supplement itself it easy to feed, in a small pouch that is easy to store.  Platinum Performance sent a little bucket for the supplements, but I found my old SmartPak drawer fits 28 pouches just perfectly. Ellie eats the flax based supplement without any problems, as she is such a glutton anyway. Other horses I have owned, Dreamy included, have refused to eat anything other than a pelleted supplement, but Ellie isn't picky at all.

To take it all a step further, I bought a one-year subscription to FeedXL when they were offering a half off deal back on Black Friday.  Maybe it was overkill, but it was cheap enough and seemed like an interesting program.  The only thing it came up with was low sodium, which is easily corrected with a free choice salt block.  ;-)

probably not worth full price, but decent enough piece of mind

So far, I think Ellie is on a good feeding regiment for her age and workload.  Of course, as she matures and things change, I will have to tweak it as needed.  And let's hope I NEVER have to worry about colic surgery, but it is nice to have the coverage.


Ration Balancers are the best. Mine aren't even air ferns and they only get beet pulp and ration balancer. The platinum colic option might be a good one to pursue.
TeresaA said…
Wow. A supplement that comes with colic surgery coverage? I’ve never heard of such a thing!
Holly said…
We've fed Platinum Performance for... 16 or 17 years? and we LOVE it (hence the loyalty). It has kept my mares looking shiny and healthy through their show careers and well into retirement - and mine still actually eats it plain, by itself. But uh, she's kind of gluttonous as well. I'm a firm believer in PP's products though is what I came to say!
Sara said…
Ration balances are great. All mine are fat on air and with year round green pasture they really don’t need much beyond basic nutrients. I have been using Tribute Essential K for about a year now and have liked it. I may need to switch to a more complete feed if I up the work load this summer but for now it has been good
Martidoll said…
oohhh thanks for this post. I feed Remus and Tate the Tribute Ration Balancer (Special K) and also get from Chewy's but see yours is cheaper!! I dont think either of mine need a damn bit of grain. LOL. Remus gets a lb of it total each day and Tate gets a half a pound. I will have to look at yours. Mine one issue is decent hay. UGH I end up buying that compressed hay to supplement and beet pulp and timothy hay cubes when I can find them. I know that is why my guys are so fat.

Anyway air ferns unite :) LOL I love seeing how other people feed their horses!! Thanks. And it is interesting about Smarkpak. I still have Remus on the colicare but need to look into Platinum.

Happy weekend!!
Ration balancers are the best! So glad it has become an option nowadays. Definitely check out the Platinum Performance line. I have been quite happy!
Isn't it crazy! Well worth the monthly cost of the supplement just in case she ever needs surgery.
That is good to know! I think Ellie would eat it alone with the little bit of RB, too haha.
Yes! I am so glad RB are a thing now because they are perfect for so many horses.
Ration balancers are so great! I love getting mine from Chewy's as it is so easy and is one less thing I have to think about. That is a bummer you cannot get good hay in your area, but the compressed hay isn't bad. I fed Dreamy the Lucerne Farm bagged hay for years when she struggled with her breathing issues and she always looked great. :-)
Laura said…
I love the grow n win - I can actually get it here in Canada, so that is always a plus factor! ;-) I have one air fern and oddly enough, he doesn't like the grow n win unless I put a bit of oil on it - I use hemp at the moment. I have a 4yr old gelding that I think has several hollow legs! I have been feeding that guy like crazy - very different approach from the easy keepers I'm used to! I wonder if FeedXL works in Canada - off to go check that out!
Nadia Novik said…
The colic insurance is definitely a nice thing! I just hem and haw about it and instead insure my horses as I could easily become a supplement junkie and am not sure I want to go back down that slope....
Liz Stout said…
The door delivery option sounds amazing. I think I'm going to pursue this in the very, very near future. Thanks for the tip!
I love the Grow 'N Win. Batt and Jiminy are both on it. Right now, I don't have anyone on any colic care type of coverage. As a senior, I'm not willing to put Subi through colic surgery so the coverage isn't necessary (I'm less concerned about the surgery, but rather the recovery). And Batt, my chronic impaction colicker is rarely eligible. I have him on a decent routine and he does pretty well, but still occasionally colics thus rendering him ineligible... I've found flax seed/meal seems to be a culprit (he's OK with a little oil and what's in Grow 'N Win) but I try not to add additional flax to his diet. Plus as impaction colic is his issue, I really need to avoid PP GI as it has BioSponge. They have great products, but just won't work for Batt. Oh well, I'm not sure he's a surgical candidate anyway.
That is funny about your gelding not liking the GnW taste LOL! Ellie is thankfully not picky. FeedXL is pretty neat and I like being able to see how her nutrition stacks up! I hope it works for you.
L.Williams said…
The colic insurance is always an added bonus with these supplment programs!
Oh, I have definitely fallen down the supplement rabbit hole before with other horses! But until she needs joint support, I think this one supplement is going to be enough for sure.
It is the BEST THING EVER! And my UPS driver is super nice and puts it just inside the barn door for me.
I hear you! I have never really had a horse that I would put through colic surgery, based on age, but with Ellie being so young I figure it is worth it. Plus, with the traveling for lessons and shows, it probably can't hurt to have a gut supplement on board.
Yes, I think it is definitely worth it! Though I wonder if I should just insure her. I don't know LOL!