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Winter Blues

January never seems to be an easy month.  This year was a bit better, especially compared to 2018, but the weather was the worst.  Between freezing temperatures and lots of sn*w and freezing rain and ICE, I went most of the month without riding.  And honestly, even if I had easy access to an indoor, I probably would not have ridden either haha. It is hard to feel motivated to do much more than basic horse care when it is so darn cold.

The horses are both doing well, despite the weather.  They are eating and drinking just fine, and I did break down and blanket them both in heavyweights over the coldest days.  Dreamy especially seems to appreciate being rugged up at her age.  I didn't clip anyone this winter, so I normally do not blanket, but with low temps and windchill, blanketing seems to be the best choice.
January 6 was the last time I rode in January uggg
After all the super low temperatures, we are suddenly being gifted with a tease of sun and warm weather.  It won't last, of course, but it is nice to think 28 degrees felt warm this morning during chores haha. Yesterday at midday it was 54 degrees and sunny and today promises to bring the same.  It is practically summer LOL!  Of course, there is more sn*w coming on Wednesday night into Thursday, but I am choosing to live in the moment and ignore the long-range forecast.  The wild swings in temps make me nervous about colic, but so far both mares are doing OK.

The one fun thing about January is the abundance of year-end banquets and annual meetings.  I attended banquets each weekend for the entire month and one weekend I attended two!  So many ribbons!  Instead of doing multiple posts about each one (umm boring), I am working on one post about all the year-end swag.  The last banquet is this coming weekend, so I am sure you will all see a post about it soon.
finally got out again on February 3! 
the sn*w was so deep
Show dates are starting to roll in, which is always a nice distraction.  Of course, there are sooooo many things to choose from, so I am going to have to formulate more of a plan as we get closer to spring haha.  

so much snow she is almost touching the barn roof haha
I am also feeling excited about Pony Club starting up, with our first unmounted meeting this Thursday.  I am really hoping I am not the only adult haha, but no matter what it will be fun!  I think we have a mounted meeting later this month, but unless my driveway loses all the ice, I won't be trucking Ellie anywhere.  We do have the driveway sanded as needed, but it is still long and steep and overwhelming with a trailer in tow in the winter.
Dreamy appreciating her blanket
Now to just get through the rest of the winter without losing my mind and we will be good!  Maybe the groundhog is right and spring will arrive early!  :-)


Sara said…
Hang in there!! I’ve been noticing the daylight creeping in earlier in my morning and sticking around later at night. I’m interested in your PC experience. There is a pretty strong Horse Masters group that I keep getting invited to but I’m not sure I’m a good PC fit. I’m a little more loose in my management and not so into the required grooming and such.
Martidoll said…
YAY i missed your blog posts :) (Nothing like stalking you on IG right) UGH all that snow but it is funny it makes Ellie look so big by barn.

Stay warm and I look forward to the swag post!
emma said…
glad y'all are staying warm despite all that godforsaken sn*w..... but hey, multiple hauls of giant ass ribbons + starting to plan out schedules for the upcoming show season definitely sound like fun ways to pass the time!!
L.Williams said…
Damn a banquet every weekend? Where are all the prize photos <3?
TeresaA said…
I’m ready for winter to be over. But we’re on the back slope of it.
Nadia Novik said…
I agree- it's really hard to motivate when it's cold! If I wasn't in regular lessons I would make every excuse not to go to the barn...and we have a heated indoor!
Exciting that you'll be doing pony club! Did I hear correctly that they've removed an age limit? My trainer also teaches PC and I joke I am going to join, but then I remember there's like homework and studying and I don't end up joining
Yes! The additional daylight is so lovely! Yeah, I too am interested to see what I think of PC. I really want easier access to good instruction in jumping/XC, which is my main motivation in giving it a try. I figure I am going to give it a one year commitment (since the dues are yearly haha).
Hahaha thanks for checking in. ;-) I just didn't have the heart to write "It's cold. Lots of sn*w. Waiting for spring" over and over in numerous posts hahahaha. The other day I realized just how close we were getting to the roof of the barn on that side because I wasn't struggling to lift hay over my head to fill her net haha (the joys of being 5 feet tall)!!!
YESSSSSSS ribbons and show schedules are definitely helping!!!! :-D
Next week, promise!!! :-D
Yes, thank goodness! January is always the longest month ever.
LOL omg that's funny. As a teacher, I guess homework and studying is kind of just who I am, so I am super excited for that stuff hahaha. I don't know about the age limits, I just know they allow adults in the "Horsemasters" part. I am hoping I am not the only adult though.......haha.
Liz Stout said…
Oohh that deep snow looks so dreamy to ride through!!
I'm ready for spring too. Or if it could just stay winter and stop raining and turning all the snow into ice. But spring coming fast would be best.
Ellie was unimpressed with it coming up to her belly though. Short horse problems LOL!! ;-)
Yes, spring coming soon is always best! We've had sn*w since late October and I am over it LOL!