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ME Morgan Benefit Show - August 10, 2019

I had not been planning to bring Ellie to this show, but an email had gone out to members a few days prior that entries were a bit low.  So in order to support the club, we headed out to Pineland Farm the morning of August 10, for what promised to be a gorgeous summer day!  All photos that I am in were purchased from the show photographer!
I always think these types of shows are going to be fine, but at the end of every single one of them, I always remember why I should stick with dressage and eventing haha.  That is not to say there is anything wrong with open shows or the club that runs them; this is just not the type of showing we do well at because she's not a "show horse".
The show was held at a gorgeous facility that boasts both large indoor and outdoor arenas.  They chose to have the show indoors with warm-up outside, which is fine, but Ellie was not a fan of the indoor.  One corner was open to the large and echo-y storage area where they had set up the secretary…

Hanover Shoe Farm Does it Right

This is a great article I stumbled across while searching for something else entirely. What a neat farm. And the sainted rescuers say that STB folks are cruel. RIGHT..... :P


  1. At least one year -- they may still do it -- they put in a standing bid of I think $1000 or so for all the horses at an auction, to be sure that none of them would go for meat. They then donated 17 of the younger, potentially rideable horses to the SRF. Five of them were mares that came to the farm where I was keeping Willie at the time. The Hanover Shoe people are pretty awesome. :)

  2. That is great to know! I know they are not the only ones out there doing good things for STBs, but they are certainly one of the best. :)

  3. I knew that Hanover Shoe supported retired horses, but didn't know about the auction rescues. Just when I fear that the world is full of cruel and selfish people, somebody proves that it isn't.


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